We’ve been really creative at Cloud Theory HQ conjuring up new delicious + charming creations 💗🍓
We’ve been whisking pillows of sweetness, pouring gooey folds, swirling mouthwatering tang, and finishing it off with artisanal decorating.  Every piece handcrafted to perfection.
Take a look at these brand new creations …

☁️🍓  Strawberry Summer Drip Marshmallow Pops
Do you remember having Paddle Pops by the pool? 
Our inspiration for this creation was memories of those fun summer days, with a delicious paddle-pop dripping in the heat. 
We’ve recreated these memories in our Strawberry Summer Drip Marshmallow Pops — the perfect snapshot of that summer day ☀️
Each one is lovingly made with REAL strawberry puree, hand-dipped in white chocolate, decorated with dreamy sprinkles and finished off with a dash shimmery glitter. 
Mark those special occasions with the perfect treat! 

☁️💗 Meet our Raspberry Lamington Marshmallow
This nostalgic treat is reminiscent of high teas and cuddles with Grandma. 
This is our take on the classic Lamington with a marshmallow twist. Pillowy Vanilla Bean marshmallow is hand-dipped into freshly made raspberry glaze and rolled in crunchy desiccated coconut. Pure bliss without the gluten. 
This is a light and airy treat that is not overly sweet with just the right amount of tang.
It’s the perfect treat for the Marshmallow lover to experience with friends or when you just need a  guilty moment of enjoyment.
So good, Grandma will be asking for the recipe .
Written by May Pike