Branded Gifts - Camilla Mother's Day Marshmallow Gift Box


Mother's Day brought us an amazing opportunity to work with the brand Camilla, Australia's leading bohemian luxury fashion label.  We made close to 700 Rosewater Marshmallow Cubes for their Mother's Day in-store events where customers would get one of these branded gift boxes during the promotion period.
When coming up with this creation, we wanted to make something that would capture the pattern, texture, elegance and femininity of the Camilla brand. 
We came up with this Rosewater Marshmallow which we made in a delicate blend of pink, soft pink and white giving it a textured and marbled look like the pattern on a chiffon dress.  Then we added swirls of edible gold paint for a dash of elegance and topped it off with a Rosebud, for an ultra-feminine vibe and just a sprinkle of glitter for some magic ✨🌟 



Take a glimpse behind the scenes and see how we made custom marshmallows especially for our client Camilla Boutique, Australia's leading bohemian luxury fashion label for their 2021 Mother's Day in-store event below. 



Written by May Pike
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