Marshmallow gift ideas!

Marshmallow gift ideas!

Looking for a present idea? 

If you've got un upcoming birthday for your friend, family member, dog, cousins dog, literally anyone... but more likely, a boyfriend or girlfriend, marshmallows are the perfect sweet twist to add some magic to your gift giving. 

Our gourmet marshmallows are the perfect sweet & fluffy gift idea for any occasion and any person... well at least we think so, here's why. 

  • We have a flavour of marshmallow to suit everyone. Whether it's; toasted coconut, cherry ripe, Nutella, peanut butter swirl, rosewater dark chocolate or lemon meringue.
     cookies and cream gourmet marshmallows custom marshmallow gift idea
  • They've probably never tried Marshmallows like this before... they're just as beautiful to look at as they are to eat.
    rosewater dark chocolate gourmet marshmallows gift idea
  • You can accompany them with a personalised note card with a specialised design. You'll find these on the product page just above the add to cart button.
     thinking of you marshmallow personalised gift card
  • Even if they're not the biggest marshmallow fan we have some Chocolate covered marshmallow pops that they will be destined to love. 
    chocolate covered marshmallow pops gift idea for girlfriend marshmallows

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