Frequently Asked Question

Online Order:

What is Cloud Theory’s return policy?

If your order arrives damaged due to shipping, please email us with a photo and we will assess whether it’s a partial refund or a full refund.

How soon will my order be dispatched?

We ship only twice a week on Mondays and Tuesdays. To allow for the freshestmarshmallows possible, we ship at the beginning of the week on Mondays andTuesdays each week to ensure that you receive your order by Friday on the sameweek. This enables us to minimise having the marshmallows sit in an Aus Postfacility over the weekend. Orders must be made by the end of week Sunday to makethe shipping on Monday or Tuesday. Shipping is in the order we receive them.

What is the cut-off time and date for orders to be shipped on Monday & Tuesday?

Cut-off time is 12pm Sunday

Can I specify a date I would like my order shipped?

Yes, we understand that most orders made in our online store are for a particularoccasion or gifting, so we have an option for ‘Desired Arrival Date’ on all of ourproduct pages. There is also a ‘Special Instructions’ area at checkout where you canalso leave us any notes. We will ship your order as close to your desired arrival dateas possible.

Shipping and Delivery:

Where do you ship?

We ship Australia-wide. Not currently shipping internationally.

What shipping carrier do you use?

We use Australia Post for most online orders and couriers like TNT Express for larger bulk or custom orders.

Why do you only offer Express Shipping?

Our product is perishable and can start drying out if out of cold storage for toolong, therefor we only offer Express shipping so that you can receive your orderwithin the week that it is shipped. We ship on Mondays and Tuesdays to ensure youreceive your order by Friday and the only way to do this is to use Express shipping.The Express shipping doesn’t mean it gets dispatched right away, but more that onceit’s dispatched it won’t be in transit for too long.

How long does it take for Express shipping to arrive at my destination?

Once dispatched on a Monday or Tuesday, you order will arrive:

Western Australia

-Perth and surrounding metropolitan areas 2-3 days

-Regional areas 3-4 days (sometimes more depending on how remote)

Northern Territory

-Darwin 2-4 days

-Regional areas 3-4 days (sometimes more depending on how remote)


-Brisbane and surrounding metropolitan areas 1-2 days

-Northern QLD & Regional areas 3-4 days (sometimes moredepending on how remote)

New South Wales

-Sydney and surrounding metropolitan areas 1-2 days

-Regional areas 3-4 days (sometimes more depending on how remote)


-Hobart 2-3 days

-Regional areas 3-4 days (sometimes more depending on how remote)


-Canberra 1-2 days

-Regional areas 3-4 days (sometimes more depending on how remote)


-Melbourne and surrounding metropolitan areas 1-2 days

-Regional areas 3-4 days (sometimes more depending on how remote)

South Australia

-Adelaide and surrounding metropolitan areas 1-2 days

-Regional areas 2-3 days (sometimes more depending on how remote)

Our Marshmallows:

What are your marshmallows made from?

Our marshmallows are made with sugar, egg whites, 100% Australian beefgelatine and flavoured with various ingredients such as fruit purees and powders,nuts, chocolate, essences and edible sprinkles and decorations. Please see “OurFlavour” for a full list ofingredients for each flavour in addition to each product page.

Are your marshmallows Hallal?

We are not have a Hallal certification for our marshmallows, but we do use 100% Australian beef gelatin that is Hallal certified at the manufacturer level.

Are your marshmallows suitable for vegetarians and vegan?

No, we use both egg white and animal protein gelatine so not suitable forvegetarians or vegans.

Why don’t you make vegan marshmallows?

We have not been able to figure out how to make tasty marshmallows using plantbase gelatine. We have tried many different recipes, but haven’t been successful. Ifyou know of a good recipe you would like us to explore, please email us at‘’.

What is the shelf-life of your marshmallows?

For our normal marshmallows, Brownie marshmallows and Rice Bubbles Dreamsshelf-life is approximately 2 weeks and best refrigerated for optimal taste. If notrefrigerated, they can dry out on the outside. Microbially, the marshmallows are goodfor up to one-month, but the quality will start to deteriorate after 2 weeks.

Our Marshmallow Popsicles have up to a 3 month shelf life because they areenrobed in chocolate. Best to be refrigerated for optimal taste as well.

How should I store my marshmallows?

Best to be stored in the refrigerator to maintain freshness and retain moisture.They will start to dry out in ambient and warmer temperatures. Keep out of directsunlight

Custom Orders and Wholesale:

Do you do custom orders?

We do offer custom orders for orders over $200. Please email us at‘’ for a quote.

Do you offer wholesale orders?

We are accepting wholesale orders for a limited product range. If you are interested please email us at